I’m posting this:
a) for general amusement
b) in the hope that the next person who is asked to Google “HMRC Senior Court” might find this video and realise they are being scammed


A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a London number that I didn’t recognise.

When I answered the phone, I heard a recorded message. It said HMRC was pursuing me for fraud and to press 1 to speak to them about it.

So I pressed 1 and was connected to a gentleman at “the HMRC Courthouse”

He asked me my name and I replied, “Mike Hunt”

He asked for my postcode and I said it was SW1A 1AA (that’s the postcode for Buckingham Palace, by the way).

The caller then explained that I owed HMRC £2,598 in unpaid tax

He then asked me if I was working full time and whether I was still living at Buckingham Palace. I said I was.

I thought the scammer would hang up at that point. But he didn’t. So I decided to press Record…

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