How to Say “Accidente” in Spanish


Accidente (pronounced “ah-n-k-y-peh-dah-doh”) is a quality or state of something, a condition that changes the normal order of things. An accident is an inevitable event that damages people or things, and it often involves a loss or injury. Accident insurance is a type of insurance that protects you in such an event.

In Spanish

If you want to learn how to say “accidente” in Spanish, you’ll need to learn the five basic vowel sounds. Each of these vowels has a single pronunciation in Spanish. You can use this translation tool to make simple and accurate translations of everyday situations. It also provides transcriptions of whole text and websites. Moreover, you can use the site translation mode to have your URL translated automatically. The best part is that it can handle more than 98 languages, including Spanish and English.

There are many online tools that can help you learn how to say accidente in Spanish. One tool is Reverso, which offers thousands of translations, definitions, and synonyms. You can also use a dictionary like Collins.

In English

Accidente is a word that has several English translations. You can find it here in the dictionary. This website also offers a pronunciation guide in several languages. Users can also contribute by editing the dictionary without having an account. The users can correct specific translations and suggest changes to other contributors. Other sites that offer English translations of German words include TU Chemnitz and Mr. Honey’s Business Dictionary.

In the dictionary

Accident is a word that describes any sudden, unexpected, or unintended event. The word itself derives from the Latin verb accidere, which means “to fall upon.” Other definitions of this word include “change” or “occurrence.” As a result, this word has many meanings. For example, an accident can be the result of a person’s inattentive or careless actions.

Another meaning of the word accident is “an unplanned event.” For example, a pedestrian might be hit by a car during a nighttime walk. An accident may also be a “hit and run” situation. If you’re going to travel, it’s important to have accident insurance.

In a news item

A news item, also known as a narrative or a recount, is a short piece of text that reports on a specific incident. For an effective news item, it’s essential to understand its text structure. Here’s an example text from a Jakarta Post news item: “A pickup truck overturned in Jingkang village in Banyumas Regency, killing three residents.” The news item’s body text includes background details, participant information, time and place, and details about the victims.

In an article

The term accident is a common occurrence in the English language, and is often used to describe accidents and injuries that occur on the roads. Nevertheless, most of these events are preventable, often due to the driver’s distraction, alcohol use, or speeding. In such cases, using the word accident does not make sense. Moreover, while the historical movement to change the language of healthcare has been successful, continued use of the term accident perpetuates conceptual confusion among trauma professionals.

When used in an article, the word accident has different meanings in different contexts. Using it in a scientific paper aims to raise awareness about the risks of accidents to people and the environment. It can also mean “harm,” which implies that someone has suffered some sort of harm.
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