Lapataganj – Episode 764 – 8th January 2013

Lapataganj - Episode 764 - 8th January 2013 1
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Mama is immensely missing Chameli. Elija reveals to Mama and Mausi that all their problems will get solved after their Netaji wins the elections. Villagers are eagerly waiting for Netaji. Party Adhyaksh Pandey arrives in Lapataganj. Security guard stops Suttilal from entering in his tent. Will Pandey solve Lapataganj’s never ending problem? To know more keep watching.

“Based in an imaginary small town called “Lapataganj” (means a lost place), the story is inspired from the writings of Sharad Joshi-who was an eminent Hindi satirist. His wide range of work has highlighted the bitter truth of our society with a satirical punch. These stories while making us laugh; also make us empathize with the situations we face in our daily lives.

“Lapataganj” is a town in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The town struggles daily for basic facilities yet the people residing there are the happiest of the lot. The show captures the spirit of a common man to lead a happy life against all odds.”

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