Miele W842 Rinses Error, EL200 PCB, RT424012 Relay, Fuse 250v UL TR5 6.3A & 8mm 120N Damper Repair

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Miele W842 “Rinses” Error & Shock Absorber Repair

EL 200 / EL200 PCB (PCB = Printed Circuit Board)

Replacement parts:
* Littlefuse 37416300000 Fuse 250v UL TR5 Lag AMMO 6.3A December 2019 price £1.96
* Shrack RT424012 Relay PCB DPCO 12VDC 8A December 2019 price £3.78
* 2x Shock Absorber Suspension Legs for Miele 8mm ANS 120N December 2019 price £17.99

Music by Adam Vitovsky

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