Road to Portugal Part 7: Mountainbike Testing

abogados de accidentes
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The procedure of cutting was (luckily) pretty tough! For once I had to work with shots that were actually precious, well lightened and definitely not to be wasted. I failed by my first attempts to draw the signature comicality of my videos (you can still find remnants of it in the first minute). Next off I had in mind to design the video completely as an “HARDCORE MOUNTAINBIKE MOVIE”. This failed however too since the shot, seen at 0:58 made this approach inapplicable. The only option left was coming up with an compromise of “ACTION”+ “EMOTIONS” + “WACKINESS (sorta)”. Luckily, after all it was a challenge that surely boosted my experience and confidence in video editing! If there’s somewhat an demand of the “HARDCORE MOUNTAINBIKE MOVIE”, let me know and I’ll finish that concept off!

Thanks goes out to the 2 cameramans of which one was once a daring second moderator!

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