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Hey everyone! I got scammed by Amazon, In this video.. i have filed an complaint in amazon regarding the bad seller. If this helps you in anyway, please subscribe the channel, it motivates to make [More]
In this video we call a company known as “Global Expert” this company, like many other companies that we have exposed, is nothing more than a simple scam …
In this video we call an unknown scam company that performs many typical tech support scamming tactics. Lying about my computer having a clampi virus, lying about processes in Task Manager and lying about the [More]
The HMRC scam is the UK varient of the IRS scam. This version works by a victim reciving a text message asking them to call back as they could get arrested for not paying taxes [More]
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Footage by Joseph Normand Grinnell. Internal file M2U03161.
Having had this type of call before I thought I’d have some fun with the scam artist today. If you are self employed and have to file your taxes please be aware of these scam [More]
A phone scam targeting DirecTV subscribers is making the rounds in Southwest Florida.