Use One Number for Calls and Texts on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch (R805U/R815U) | AT&T Wireless

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Learn how to use one smartphone number across multiple devices to send and receive texts, make and receive calls on the Samsung Galaxy Watch (R805U/R815U). Learn more at:

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Use One Number for Calls and Texts on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch (R805U/R815U) | AT&T Wireless

Set Up NumberSync:
NumberSync lets you use your
primary smartphone number
on your wearable,
so you can make
and receive calls,
send and receive texts, and more,
using the same number
that your family, friends
and colleague recognize –
even when your smartphone
isn’t nearby, or even powered on.
When you connect
your Galaxy Watch
to the AT&T cellular network,
your watch will receive an
AT&T features notification.
From the Clock screen
rotate the bezel to the left
and select the AT&T
features notification,
select “Install”.
Your device will take
a moment to restart.
To set up NumberSync
on your watch,
press the Power/Home button.
Rotate the bezel to
and select “Settings”,
rotate the bezel to
and select “Connections”.
Rotate the bezel to
and select “AT&T NumberSync”,
select “Get started”,
select the checkmark,
your watch will display
“Check your phone.”
Please note:
NumberSync requires
an AT&T User ID
that is associated
with a smartphone number
that you want to sync.
Select “Register”
if you need to create one.
Select “Forgot ID” or “password”
if you can’t remember
your login information.
From your smartphone enter your
AT&T Access ID and password,
then select “Log in”.
You will receive a five-digit
NumberSync code on the watch.
On your smartphone enter
the five-digit NumberSync code
from the watch.
If desired, enter the desired
nickname for the device,
then select “Continue”.
NumberSync is ready for use.