If the number above does not work, they also use these numbers:
844-247-1987, 888-726-7294, 844-679-3688, 888-978-9558, 210-807-4078, 210-807-3264, 302-268-6936, 510-344-6468, 510-344-6470, 510-344-6495

Now it’s your turn to scam a scammer. These thieves pose as computer technicians while cowardly hiding behind IP phones. They infect computers that disables the use of the computer with a large screen that says the Windows firewall has been disabled and to call them for ‘help.’

Please call them! They are asking you to do it! Their number is:


Let them know what you think or, better yet, pretend to be someone who received this virus on their computer and ask them for help. Keep them on the phone as long as possible, and record it and share it here!

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!

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